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TruTV is Fake TV

Most TV shows are just entertainment and even the news can often be false, but TruTV, which uses a tagling of "Not Reality. Actuality.", is guilty of false advertising, deception and scamming people by hyping fake shows as "Actuality".

Consider the show "Operation Repo". While it can be entertaining, and while it may be based on true situations that have occured, the show itself is fake and badly faked at that. Many of the sitatuations are questionable, at best, but there are some scenes which prove that it is fake. One example is a scene in which Matt gets hit and falls to the ground. If you record the show with a good VCR or a DVR, you can see that the "punch" is to Matt's hand, a typical TV/movie stunt. Another scene is where Luis gets hit by a bottle and his arm is cut. The problem is that the bottle that he was "hit" with contained fake blood, as seen by the fake blood on the vehicle they are taking. Also, there is no cut on his arm and the studio section also shows fake blood on the hands of some of the people.

I have no problem with an entertainment show, but there should be a disclaimer by TruTV that this show is fake. Based on what TruTV is supposed to be, this show should not even be on TruTV since it does not match the tagline.

One someone lies, it is impossible to believe anything else that they say and this applies to TruTV. Due to this, I have to wonder how many of the other shows on TruTV are also fake. If TruTV wants to be honest, which I doubt, they should admit this scam and any other fake/staged shows (shows which do not match with what they claim to be).

Other Fake Shows

I know, it is pretty obvious, but it seems like the concept of fake shows has become more popular. For some reason it seems that reality shows don't have enough reality to make it interesting, so the shows add fake content.

If you see a credit for writers at the end of a show, then you know it is fake.

I have heard though multiple sources that the Pastor's gun on "American Guns" was never sold or given to the person who it was claimed to have had it made. Quite clearly it seems there are issues with the show "Sons of Guns", which make it unclear how much is real and how much is made up for the show. I have also heard that the show "Auction Hunters" has "reality" issues, including claims what was being sold, which makes it unlikely that the item was actually found.

Take a look at the disclaimer at the end of "America's Court", it states that it is all fake, but I suspect that most people don't bother to read that. I guess the small claims court show has become popular, so someone decided that making up fake cases to hear in a fake court would have a good return on investment.

Discovery & American Guns

More on "American Guns".

This is an interesting article to read:

The article is quite interesting since it says that the producers are casting for the second season, yet they also claim that it is a reality show. There are "reality" shows in which they need to cast people to participate, but a reality show based on a business should not need casting since if you cast people, then quite clearly it is fake.

Perhaps they should film what actually goes on there, such as from this report:

Gunsmoke - Owner Rich Wyatt Intimating Gunshop owner, Trys to Browbeat and interragate Consumer over a refund Wheatridge Colorado

There appears to have been a change around May 2012 with respect to the business, specifcally with the Federal Firearms License (FFL). In looking at the Federal Firearms License information, the name on the FFL at GunSmoke location is now "TRIGGERS FIREARMS LLC". This is a recent change since it previously was "GUNSMOKE, INC". One has to wonder why the name change and whether there are issues which required the change. The old address for Triggers Firearms claims that the name is RAR Guns, but the FFL database does not show that there is actually a FFL at that address.

On the Facebook web page for RAR Guns, it seems that some people are unhappy with them:

Facebook RAR Guns

The Facebook page says that RAR Guns was founded in 2010, but that they have 25 years experience. It is also interesting that the web page listed is not available.

Another interesting aspect is that in looking at the FFL database, it is only recently that an 07 FFL (manufacturing) existed at the address shown for GunSmoke, around May 2012 according to the data that I have access to.

There is an interesting mention in the following June 2000 article:


It states that Rich Wyatt has worked on the training academy staff of the Aurora Polic department, but has been on leave from the department since April (2000). "Both Hellenschmidt and Wyatt declined to reveal reasons for the leave."

Here is an interesting article regarding some of the "reality" of the show:

Reality show aids local SWAT team 'American Guns' to build a sniper rifle for Avon's police department

The first thing mentioned in the article which shows that it is not reality is the claim that Wyatt and Ticer served together, the reality is that Ticer happened to stop by the shop because his son is a fan of the show. The next thing is that they did not buy the firearm. They claimed to shoot the firearm in Avon, but in reality it was a spot near Castle Rock. The final funny item is that 'While the rifle has Avon police logos on it, "Our department doesn't have anyone on the sniper team," Ticer said.'

Here is some information on what it is like to be on the show:

Behind the Scenes on "American Guns"

Update on "Gunsmoke":

American Guns' Gunsmoke Guns: Did Wyatt family rip off the I.R.S. for years?

Real Reality

It seems that a TV show can lead to some real reality:

Wylie Newton charged with stealing antique gun from museum, trying to sell it on TV

It seems that one of the firearms which was featured on the show was actually stolen and due to the show, it was tracked down.

Wyatt Soap Opera Reality

This is an interesting web page which talks about Rich Wyatt, as well as mentioning his stay in jail:

Interesting lawsuit...

Discovery & Sons of Guns (Red Jacket Firearms)

Clearly The Discovery Channel knows information about those who they have shows with. In this case, it appears that they don't care about reality and instead care only about profits.

There was a recent story about this on TMZ:

TMZ: 'Sons of Guns' Stars Punished By the Feds for MAJOR Firearms Violations

It seems that William Hayden does not actually seem to own Red Jacket Firearms. The listed officers are: Vincent Buckles, Joseph Meaux and Charles Watson. Vincent Buckles is the registered agent, although it was reported that he has left the company and seems to have founded his own company in November 2011, Mesa Kinetic Research LLC.

A search shows a "Red Jacket, Inc", which is active, but not in good standing for failure to file Annual Report and that lists William Hayden. There is also "RED JACKET INTERNATIONAL, L.L.C.", which lists William Hayden and seems to have been created on 06-Apr-2011. Stephanie Hayden is an officer of "RED STICK FIREARMS AND SHOOTING RANGE, L.L.C." and the registered agents, but it is listed as "Inactive" due to "Voluntary Action" as of 06-Jan-2009.

So why is it that the show represents people as just an employees? Is the LLC a fraud? Why is The Discovery Channel involved with such a company?

William Hayden owns the trademark, which was first used on 06-Apr-1999.

All of this can be confirmed at the Louisiana Secretary of State corporation search web page.

Here is an interesting story of a fictional story on Sons of Guns: Playing with guns

Here is another interesting article, which I think might make a better story line than what they present on TV:

Former family members set sights on 'Sons of Guns' star in lawsuit

One of the most interesting quotes in the article is:

If that is true, it is pretty strange indeed.

Here are some complaints about Red Jacket: Red Jacket Firearms

Storage Wars become Legal Wars

Yuuuup, Hester is suing due to being fired from Storage Wars. The article (below) says it is because he brought up the issues regarding the show being fake.

Former 'Storage Wars' Star Files Lawsuit Claiming Show Is Fake

Anyone who has gone to a storage auction would know that the show is fake as there is a process that has to be done in order to sell the contents of a storage unit. Before the contents are auctioned off, the storage unit is opened (which would be when the lock would be cut off), the contents noted (from an outside view), a picture might be taken, then the unit is closed, locked and sealed. At that point in time, there is a key to the lock for the storage unit. The seal is cut off, but it is a thin wire to cut it, and it is done on the auction day.



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