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California Lutheran University: A study in a lack of ethics and corruption

If you look up the word "corrupt" on you will find the first definition to be "guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge."

This seems to be the word to use when it comes to the administration currently running California Lutheran University due to their inability to follow their own policies, their lack of desire to take action against an employee who threatens others and most likely was to one to break the law and vandalize another employee's vehicle. It is dishonest to claim that you are following the polices when you are obviously not doing so. It is unethical to go after the victim instead of the guilty party. There is no integrity in behaving in such a manner.

While there is a chance that they are just plain stupid and that they are functionally illiterate, it seems more of an intentional action which makes them dishonest when they claim that they have followed their own policies and that shows that they are lacking integrity.

The current president of CLU is Chris Kimball and the buck stops with him as he has the final say. I have to wonder if he ever bothered to read the CLU policies himself or if he has allowed others to dupe him into doing their bidding, but in any case he is responsible. Sadly, I think that such actions reflect quick poorly on the University and is insulting to those who have come before him. The joke is that CLU feels that if you speak the truth about their actions, they think that it is disloyal to CLU, rather than a desire to correct and/or remove the corrupt people running the place. The reality is that the current administration is disloyal to all those who have come before them and made the University what it is today. If this type of behavior is not corrected, the reputation of California Lutheran University will be destroyed.

There is also the simple fact that these people think that they can do anything that they want and get away with it. They have the money and the power, so they can abuse the innocent. Hopefully, in the end they will pay the price for their misdeeds.


It seems that CLU enjoys harassing people as they are disputing the unemployment claim. This is just one of many times CLU has engaged in harassment.

The Employment Development Dept rejected their request by saying:

CLU has already been informed, several times, that their actions are in violation of the law, but I guess their crack legal advisor, Jan Loomis, is not able to figure this out or chooses not to. Considering that CLU and Jan Loomis previously represented her as an outside investigator, rather than the later admission that she is CLU legal counsel, also goes to show what the goal of CLU really is. I was told that her actions in this respect violates the code of conduct for attorneys.

Here is the reference that CLU violated the law regarding protected speech:

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Written: 14-Sep-2008

Updated: 12-Oct-2008

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