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Polititians and Personal Responsibility

I have to wonder who is more stupid, the polititians or the voters. I heard Hillary Clinton say that we should stop all forclosures for 90 days and to lock in interest rates for 5 years. I guess she has absolutely no concept of personal responsibility and things that she can steal money from tax payers to give to stupid people.

Many people bought houses that they could not afford by getting loans which were variable interest rates and/or interest only. This helped to drive up the price of houses so that many people can't even afford to buy a house. Now we it is the time to pay the piper, polititians like Hillary Clinton, in an obvious attempt to get votes, things that people should not have to pay for their poor decisions and mistakes. This also means that the housing price correction will not occur, which also is going to mean that those who say what was happening and wanted to wait to not pay too much will also be screwed since now the polititians are helping to artificially hold the prices up. None of this will personally affect people like Hillary Clinton and she obviously she does not care about all of those people who will be harmed by her pandering for votes.

If people lose their homes due to no fault of their own, such as sickness, loss of a job due to outsourcing, etc. then it is somewhat reasonable to help them. Should be next help to repay people who have lost too much money when gambling? How about repaying people who buy lottery tickets and don't win? Then what about the people who buy all sorts of luxury items that they can't afford and put it on their credit cards and end up having problems?

Why is the that people running for office think that the tax payer's money is free and that they can steal that money by pushing their Robin Hood agendas in order to personally get what they want (voted into office)? Yet, the people fall for it.

A friend forwarded me a message about the downfall of Democratic Government and one of the things is when people realize that they can vote for things for themselves. Unfortunately this seems to be happening more and more. How are we going to be able to afford all of this? People just want to get what they can and don't care what it really means.

It used to be that people seems to know how to handle their finances better. Perhaps they are learning from the government how to deal with money. if you want something, then just go buy it and put it on credit. Don't set priorities, just get what you want and don't worry about what it will cost you. The government shows that you can just do that. There should never be a tax increase for priority items like police, fire, etc. since a priority means that the money should go there first. If you run out of money for other things, like the perks that a polititian gets, then so be it.



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Written: 27-Jan-2008

Updated: 27-Jan-2008

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