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It seems like the fake news is getting worse. Perhaps it is just because they are doing a worse job of it though.

One thing that I noticed years ago what that the coverage on TV seems to give the wrong impression. I talked to a friend who lived in Florida after a "big" hurricane passed through. I was told that the house built by Habitat for Humanity were still standing since they bolted the roof on, but many of the other houses were not. But the media did not want to present that story, instead the were careful to only have views with all the houses destroyed. It would not due to say the the houses were destroyed because of poor construction.

In another case I saw a video which was started a bit too soon. It showed women running in Iraq after some incident. The problem was that the women were standing there and then started to run. Or in other words it was staged.

Recently I saw a new report on "train safety". They are wasting $100 million to enhance safety at crossings, such as putting gates on both sides so that people don't try to go around the gates. Those people will still be stupid, so it will just be a waste of money. It would be better served to use the money for something else, anything else.

Most times when I know what the story is, it is wrong when it is presented by the media. It seems that most people just believe what they see or read and give no thought to the lies that they are presented with.



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Written: 20-Aug-2007

Updated: 20-Aug-2007

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