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Finding good places to eat

Years ago I found it quite difficult to find good places to eat, especially when I was in an area in which I did not know anyone. So I would typically either just try a random place or stick with the chain places, which while the food was not the best, was known.

All this changed when a friend gave me a good suggestion on finding good places to eat. What I was told is simple and obvious, once you hear it, which is to ask someone. It is best to ask at businesses, such as stores, repair shops, etc. You need to be careful when asking at a hotel or motel since sometimes these people have a deal with places to refer people, but they can still recommend good places. For example, in Bishop I asked at a hotel about a place near them and they said to avoid it, but suggested the bowling alley instead. Multiple people there suggested the same place and it was very good, but hidden behind other buildings on the west side of 395.

In Moab, Utah, I was told that the Moab Diner was very good and it is, especially the green chile skillet. I don't know if I would have ever tried some of these places if someone had not told me about them.

Here are some places which I think have good food at a reasonable price, although some are not cheap, but well worth the price in my opinion (there is no particular order to these). Some of these I don't know the name or the address, but I do know they have good food (or at least did the last time I ate there).

If you try these places and like them, please let me know. If you don't like them or have a problem, also let me know so that I can either talk to them or take them off my list. Disclaimer: I get nothing from recommending these places, just passing on good places to eat.

Also, please let me know of some of the good places you know of so that they can be shared with others.

Inn of the Seventh Ray
128 Old Topanga Canyon Road
Topanga, CA 90290
(310) 455-1311

This is a new age place which is really nice to spend some time. Some thing I strongly suggest is to not have some place to go afterwards and is best in the summer since it is nice to sit outside and talk to the people you are with. It is a romantic place to go with candles and classical music. The food is very good and my favorite is the vegetarian lasagna.

Fair Price Cafe
8341 Tampa Avenue
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 993-3307

This is one of my favorite Thai food places, in part because they are really nice people and are willing to make dishes which are not on the menu, such as how Pad Thai Ken was create. The food is good and the prices are reasonable.

Rib Ranch Bar-B-Q
4923 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 884-7776

This place has what I think are my favorite baby back ribs. The BBQ pork sandwhich is also good and a bit cheaper than the ribs. The prices are good for what you get and some of the lowest for ribs, especially of this quality food. One joke is that they had "desert" listed on the menu for years (might still be there), but did not have desert since no one ever ordered it when they did.

The Hat
1308 East Los Angeles Avenue
Simi Valley, CA 93065 (805) 579-0007

The Hat is known for their pastrami dip sandwiches, which are very good, but a bit of the higher price side (over $6). While it is well worth it, I really like the chili-cheeseburger which is far cheaper and very good. One thing to watch out for is the size of the frys, you get a lot, even with a small order. Personally I won't order frys unless I am with three people or more.

736 West Ventura Street
Fillmore, CA 93015

While I have only been to this place once, it was a recommended place and was very reasonable in price, especially when you consider the amount of good. I ordered the Gyro and it was very good and a lot of good. I did not leave hungry. If I am in the area again, I will definately stop there again.

Polish Food
Glendale, CA
Take the 2 south, south of the 134 and get off at the first offramp and go west, just before the first major street there is a corner strip mall on the north side and this place is on the north-west side.

Ok, so I don't know the name or the address, but I do know how to get there and the food is good. Unfortunately due to the distance I don't get there as often as I would like. This is a small, family run business, which serves good food at a very reasonable price. There are a couple of dishes which take longer to prepare, typically the chicken dishes, so be prepared to wait a bit of you order these (a friend always managed to find these dishes). The select is pretty good and the type of food is hard to find elsewhere.

Alameda Liquor and Deli, also Willie's Grill
929 South Victory Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 842-1377

The grill is off to the side of the Liqour store and you need to enter through the store. It is on the corner of Alameda and Victory. The deli sandwiches are very good and travel well, so are nice to pick up for lunch later. The grilled pastrami is very good, as well as the hot link sandwich, which is really good with chili and cheese, the price is very reasonable too, although if you look at the percentage cost of the cheese it seems expensive, but just look at the total cost instead. I have not tried the Big Willie, but I have seen it and all I can say is to not order it unless you are either hungry or willing to share.

Vietnamese Sandwich
Canoga Park, CA
DeSoto Blvd, just north of Sherman Way on the west side of the street.

This is one of my favorite sandwich places. The sandwichs are very different than most other places and have a lot of flavor and many things on them. They can also be quite hot due to the chilis. One thing that is interesting is the cucumber sandwich, which is basically the same as the other sandwichs without the meat, but you don't miss the meat. One of the most expensive sandwiches is the steak and onion, but well worth it. This is also the cheapest sandwich place that I know of since I think all of the sandwichs are under $3. Also, they have a variety of shaved ice deserts and other items which are quite tasty.

Cavaretta's Delicatessen
22045 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91303
(818) 340-6626

This is a really good sandwich place with a large selection of sandwiches, as well a large selection of different types of sodas, such as Birch Beer, Orange Creme, etc. One thing I like to do is to pick up a sandwich there and then go to Orchard Ranch Park to eat it. While they have tables to eat there, it is far nicer to eat in the park.

Uncle Ernie's Pizza for You
Canoga Park, CA 91303

This place makes really good pizza. The sauce is very good too, which I like to ask for extra sauce. You can also get the garlic romano crust at no extra charge. I personally like getting "extra crust", which is more like a thick crust pizza.

Moab Diner
189 South Main Street
Moab, UT 84532
(435) 259-4006

This is another one of the recommended places I really like. I think my favorite item is the green chili skillet. It is very tasty and a reasonable price, although the last time I was there was years ago. If I am ever in the area, or close to it, I will make sure to stop there and eat.

556 East Thousand Oaks Boulevard
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 495-5234

This place has one of the best New York steaks in the area, but it is a 16 oz steak, so it is a lot to eat, or you can take it home if you can stop eating it.

Indian Wells Lodge Restaurants
2565 State Highway 14
Inyokern, CA 93527
(760) 377-4290

I had passed this place numerous times, but only recently stopped by when they were open. They are quite expensive, close to $20 for a New York steak, but the food is very good and worth the money. They also brew beer there, so you can buy several different types of beer there.

Tommy's Original World Famous Hamburgers
1290 Madera Road
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 583-0514

Ok, so this is a chain and many people are aware of it, but one item that many people are not aware of is the sausage and egg sandwich on an english muffin. It is only available from 4am to 11am, but it is well worth it. It comes with all the things the burger does, so remember to skip the pickle. Not all locations are open 24 hours, so the 4am time only applies if they are open.

King's Burgers
9345 Reseda Boulevard
Northridge, CA 91324 (818) 885-6456

This is a good burger place and one item that is really good is their King's Special which is a burger with pastrami. It is fairly large, so you will most likely not go away hungry and you don't need fries with that unless you really want to be full.

Burger Express 2
3200 East Los Angeles Avenue Suite 1
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(805) 579-7353

As I understand it this place was started from the people who created King's Burgers, but has since been sold. They have good burgers and the same special mentioned above, but a different name for obvious reasons. The prices are pretty good and the flavor of the burger is very good.

Handy Market
2514 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 848-4294

While this is a market with some really good specials, both in terms of price and the quality of food, they also have a deli in the back which makes sandwiches. The price is good, as well as the sandwich. It is not fancy and parking can be a pain, but it is well worth it to stop by if you want a sandwich to go. There is no place to eat there, except in your vehicle.

1543 Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

I tried a cheeseburger, as I had a coupon, and it was quite good. This is a small place and the sign says that it is a grand opening, yet the ad says that they have 20 years experience. The food selection looks quite good. Some of the pictures show fries and drinks, but it is unclear if the items actually come with that since the description does not say that.

One thing to watch out for is that at least some of the people who work there are quite clueless. I called to find out where they are located, asking what the nearest cross street was. I was given their address. When I pointed out that was their address, not the cross street, I was given the next major cross street of Erringer, although First Street was actually closer. Also, I gave $1.11 for a total of $1.06 and had to ask for my change.

Remember, if you find a place you really like or know of a good place, please let me know so that I can let others know. If you have some involvement in the place you need to disclose that, if you don't and it is found out, the information will either be removed or noted that there are ethic problems with the reference to suggest that people don't go there, so be honest and upfront.



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Written: 07-Sep-2005

Updated: 18-Sep-2006

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