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Gang Mentality

There is an interesting aspect to people which is seen over and over again. It is what I call gang mentality in which a person is defended, regardless what they do, because they are part of the group or family.

Prime examples of this are the families of criminals. Typically when a criminal gets killed, the family comes out and says how great and loving the person was, even though they were kill during committing a violent felony.

Unfortunately this also continues to other groups where there is an "in crowd" and people who are not part of the core group. The "in crowd" will defend the actions of their buddies, regardless of what they do. Many of the the outsiders will not say anything either because they don't want to be cast out of the group. When someone speaks up about what is right, the "in crowd" will gather to attack this person and get rid of them, if they can.

This is what I call the gang mentality since the person feels that it is best to alienate one person than to upset a group that the person wants to belong to. They want to belong to their "gang", no matter what. Personally I want to do the right thing and don't want to be part of a group if they don't do the right thing.



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Written: 27-Jul-2005

Updated: 30-Jul-2005

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