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The Law is for the Rich

Why does it seem that the law is for the people and companies which are rich? When people fail to disclose problems with a house, committing fraud, with the amount of damages over $250,000, it is a civil matter, but it is a criminal action when someone records a movie or when people sell fake items. When the police won't do anything, a person is forced to hire an attorney and spend a lot of time and money to get justice.

I just saw a report that the police are spending time, money and effort on catching people who sell fake items in the fashion district. There are not enough officers to protect people and they say that we need more police, so then why are they going after non-violent actions which could be dealt with as a civil matter? It is clear that those who have the money, who have the power, who control the police and what they choose to enforce.

Perhaps it is time that the law should be enforced without regard to the money and power a person has. If not, then those who the law is designed to protect should be forced to pay all the costs for the police. Then the rest of us can save the money to buy firearms to protect ourselves or hire our own police force who will protect and serve US, the average tax payer.



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Written: 31-May-2005

Updated: 31-May-2005

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