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Freedom, to prevent others

It is quite interesting that there are many people out there who want the freedom to do what they want, but want to prevent others from doing things. One example is the word "God" in the pledge of allegiance. No one is going to force you to say those words, and our country was founded on that basis, although not a specific religion. There are those that want to prevent others from saying the word "God". This seems quite hypocritical when they want the freedom to say and do what they want. If they don't like the word "God", then I would be more than happy to take all their money which has that word on it.

This type of behaviour extends into many areas. These people don't want others to speak of the beliefs or religion, but want to force their beliefs on everyone and put it in your face. I personally don't care to have the people pushing their religion on me as I have my own views and beliefs, but they have a right (within limits) to say what they think. Such a limit is when they are in a place that is illegal for them to be, such as a train station platform and they don't have a ticket. Quite funny as I told them that and they scurried off. I also don't want people telling me and others what we can not do, especially when it relates to religion, just because they don't like it or agree with it.

I had an interesting email discussion with a person who was very anti-religion and was saying some very negative comments about people who believe in religion. What it came down to was that he was treatings others the same way that he had complained about, just in a different matter. I would hope that he learned to accept others and allow them to their views and beliefs if he wants them to do the same for him.



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Written: 16-Apr-2005

Updated: 16-Apr-2005

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