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Verizon Steals from Customers

So this is a very simple case of theft by Verizon and Verizon thinks it is acceptable to not refund people because they have decided that the refund is so small that it is acceptable to just take it. Yes, it isn't very much money, but it is the principle. Verizon doesn't get to decide that a person doesn't get their money back.

While many people will say that it isn't worth it to deal with it, there is the concept of right and wrong and this is just plain wrong.

I ended up with an account with Verizon due to a family member passing away. I was paying for the account and ended up transferring the account to my name. There was an issue with an Apple iphone12, which had been previously been on the account. The phone was locked and Apple, being the bad apple that they are, refused to do anything to unlock the phone (the data was wiped out). Even though the phone had been originally added to the Verizon account, they also refused to do anything. So now the phone is worthless. This didn't show either company as being good companies.

So due to all of this, I decided to transfer the phone line to Spectrum since it is much cheaper. The reason to not just turn off the line is that some accounts use that phone number to unlock it, so it is still needed, as well it is possible that someone might try to call it as they don't know that the person passed away.

Not sure exactly why, but when the last bill was paid it ended up with a small credit. Instead of crediting the amount to the credit card that was used or sending a check, Verizon decided that it wasn't worth it to them to pay the customer THEIR money, so they just wiped it out so that there no longer a credit and then claim that no money was owed anymore.

Consider with all the customer that Verizon has and how many customers who closed their accounts and ended up with a small credit, which Verizon just decided to not pay. All those small amounts can add up. Clearly, Verizon decided that stealing the money was more cost effective than the expense of paying it, which is wrong and it isn't their decision to make.

If you don't look closely at the final bills, you won't know it. The last bill shows a credit balance from the last bill, then falsely claims that exact amount as the current month's charges, but in looking at the rest of the bill there is NOTHING to document it.

I called and was told that any credit under $1 just isn't paid to customers. While the person agreed it was wrong, she still tried to justify it by saying that is what they do. She didn't seem to really get that it is theft. The concept that it wasn't their money to decide to just keep didn't compute, but it was just what they did. If they had asked about it, I might have said to not worry about it, but when they just take it the way that they did, it didn't sit well. They could have just left it as a credit on the account. But no, they decided to zero it out without paying. She kept trying to say that it should be acceptable, which only made it worse. In the end she talked to a supervisor and decided to increase the credit so that the system would pay the money. We shall see if it ever arrives.



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Written: 08-Jul-2023

Updated: 08-Jul-2023

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