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Designed by Democrats: Prisons and Boarder Wall

If anyone is a conservative artist and could draw these up, please let me know and I will add it to this web page.

I have a couple of ideas for a comic strip to educate people into what is really going on since it seems that many are not really understanding what is going on.

The first one is a prison designed by Democrats based on their design views of border security.

Imagine a prison with a line on the ground for the border of the facility with a sign saying do not cross the line. All the prisoners are fleeing everywhere. There are drones in the sky and a computer room with monitors for the sensors. There are guards, but they are outnumbered. In the control room with the video monitors from all the drones and computers reporting sensors is a guard with the warden standing behind him/her. The guard says to the warden: Well, what do we do now? The warden says: Fire the Democrats.

The next would be an overhead view of the border. A long line of people coming from the south, all the way back to South America. There is a painted line on the ground marking the border. There are drones in the sky and sensors in the ground. The line crosses the border and goes into a court where everyone says amnesty and walks out, passing a sign which says "Welcome to the United States of America". Some of them line up at a building marked "Vote Here, No ID required".

This is what the Democrats want open borders with no control or restrictions as to who comes in and no restrictions on voting.

They claim a border wall is a waste of money and doesn't work. So, how about we remove the walls around where they live and replace it with the means that they claim that we should use on the border. They lie when they claim a wall isn't effective. While a wall won't stop everyone, it will stop most people as compared to what is happening right now. Just look at all the videos of people going over, under and through the current fence.

The fact is that Democrats will say anything to try to get back in power and stop the current president from doing anything. Notice what many said during the election and then what they do afterwards. The problem is that most people just don't pay attention.



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Written: 23-Dec-2018

Updated: 23-Dec-2018

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