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Does God exist?

There has always been discussions as to whether God exists or not. There are quite a few problems with the discussion, as well with the attitudes involved with some people who try to push their view on others or look down on others.

I once saw a button which said "I Think. Therefore I am an atheist". It seems that the person who presents that view is not really thinking all that much. It is also insulting to those with different beliefs, but those who wear such buttons don't seem to get that and instead think that they are smarter than others, when in reality they don't get what they don't know.

So what is really the first problem in determining whether God exists or not? That is pretty easy. You have to figure what what exactly God is. How can you say whether something exists or not if you don't know what exactly it is? If you can not define exactly what God is, you can not say that God does not exist.

Think back many years when there were no photographs, travel was more limited, etc. and imagine you were told about a strange creature which hopped around on huge legs, kind of a cross between a rabbit and a rat, but much, much larger. Would you believe that such a creature existed? I suspect not, but then if you saw a Kangaroo, finally you would believe it does actually exist. The same is true with respect to God.

There are so many things that we do not know or understand and if you think that you know everything, it just goes to show how much you really don't know. You can believe that God exists or does not exist, but the simple fact is that you can't say for a fact that God does not exist.

Each person can choose to believe what they want, but it does not change what is actually the case. So if you encounter anyone who says that God does not exist, ask them to define exactly what God is. If their definition of what God is wrong, then it is not that God does not exist, but it is that they don't know what God is. If they don't know what God is, then how in the world can they say that God does not exist?

If you think, then you know you can't say God does not exist.



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Written: 31-Jan-2016

Updated: 31-Jan-2016

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