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On a facebook group a person posted a link to a web site in which people are looking for work. In this particular case it was for an ad to leave a postive review on Google places for $5.

When you do a search on the site, there are NUMEROUS offers to post fake reviews for money. It seems like this is a well paying business. Due to the number of people who are willing to post fake reviews it must be easy to post fake reviews and get away with it. The people who post fake reviews should have their accounts deleted, as well as all reviews that they have made. Companies such as Google need to make sure that people don't keep creating fake accounts to post more fake reviews as well.

Ignoring the fact that such a paid review would violate the terms of service for Google and other sites, but I would also consider it to be fraud for a company to pay for a fake review. I would not want to do business with any company who tries to deceive people with fake reviews.

I think that paying for fake reviews reflect poorly on those who use those services, as well a for anyone who posts such advertisements since it is clear that they seem to think that it is acceptable.

The bottom line is that unless companies like Google takes major steps to eliminate fake reviews that the reviews on sites are completely worthless since you have no idea as to whether the reviews are valid or not. I also think that if you look at a business and there are many positive reviews which look like they might be fake, that you might want to avoid such a business and let them know why.



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Written: 04-Nov-2015

Updated: 04-Nov-2015

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