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Preface: I saw an excellent response to what Trump says; Tell me more.

Another Update: Donald Trump either does not understand how the election process works, or he just does not care. If he does not get the required number of delegates, then there is NO GUARANTEE that he will be the nominee. The fact is that a MAJORITY of people did NOT vote for him. There might be a person who a majority of the people would prefer over him. Donald Trump fear mongering shows who he is and I would be happy if he is not the nominee. I have heard that he said in his book "The Art of the Deal" that you play to the fantasy of others to get what you want, which is EXACTLY what he is doing. Personally, I think that it should be required that the nominee get 50% of the vote plus one in order to be the nominee.

Update: Donald Trump just said that he looks to a day in which Apple phones are made in the USA, yet he makes his ties overseas. Talk is cheap, so look at his actions and the fact that he does not really want to talk about where his products are made.

He is the King of saying nothing. He is also shown himself to be an entertainer, but you need to consider how entertaining he will be if he actually gets elected.

Donald Trump said that we don't need someone who is nasty. Consider all of the mocking, the insulting, the name calling and everything else shows he is right, but he needs to look in the mirror.

Donald Trump keeps pushing the wall with respect to illegal immigration, which shows that he really does not understand the root cause of the problem.

Donald Trump and others attack Marco Rubio for repeating things, well perhaps Donald Trump should listen to himself where it keeps repeating the same things right after he just said it.

What would be really funny is for an alternate Donald Trump to go after Donald Trump and see how Donald Trump likes to be treated how he is treating others.

Marco Rubio said that Donald Trump got $200 Million from his father, most likely meaing an inheritance, which Trump said that it was not true and was off by a factor of 100. So that means either $2 Million or $20 Billion. If it was $2 Million, that would seem to indicate that his father was not all that successful. It could also be that means were used to transfer the money in other ways. Then again, Donald Trump does not seem to want to say what the amount was. He did say that he got a loan for $1 Million, which indicates that his father had quite a bit of money.

It is also interesting that Trump is denying the bankruptcies which he previously admitted to when he said he made use of the laws to favor him. Trump might be hiding behind the claim that it was not him personally, but with his companies.

If you support Trump, please do our Country a big favor and listen closely to ALL of what he is saying and ask yourself if you really think that he can actually do what he is claiming that he will do. Ask yourself if you want a President who seems to insult people more than anything else. His comments about Dr. Carson and his skills as a doctor is a prime example. His comments about the face of Carly Fiorina is another example, as well as the blood comments in regards to Megyn Kelly. Then there are the responses when he gets called on it, which I have to wonder if anyone actually believes what he says and if so, why. When asked if he will apologize when he makes a mistake, it seems that he does not think that he has ever made a mistake. So what lead up to his filing for bankruptcy four times was not a mistake? I wonder how the creditors who lost money, around $1 billion or so I have heard, feel about that. Trump says that he will not raise taxes, yet what did he say about raising taxes on hedge fund managers? It seems that he can't even keep his story straight.

In my opinion Trump is a salesman selling a bad product, himself, but he wants you to buy his sales pitch. The problem is that we all will have to pay if he makes the sale. There are NO returns on this sale.

This Presidential election is amazing. It is almost like there is an alternate reality, or it is perhaps people are delusional and refuse to actually think.

If you were to have some that others wanted in your house and you build a fence only on one side of your property, do you think that your fence would stop them? Of course not. Those who are speaking the truth are ignored, while those who spew nice talking points are listened to as if they know what they are talking about.

Instead of wasting time trying to deal with the symptoms, learn to start dealing with the root of the problem.

If you want to stop illegal aliens, then you need eliminate the incentive for them to come here. If you take away ALL services, benefits, etc., then they would not come and they would not stay. This includes jobs. What many don't seem to get is that in order to eliminate the jobs, you need to go after the employers. There are several ways to do this, such as large fines (ie. $10k/per day per illegal), shutting down the business, etc.

So why is it that those such as Trump claim that a border wall will solve the problem? The first problem with that concept is that do you really think that such a plan would ever get past Congress? Look at what Trump says of those in Congress, do you really think that they would work with him? Remember, Trump run a company which he controls, but that is not how the Country works. But ignore all that for a minute, assume that by magic a border fence appears. Do you think that people won't still go over it? So imagine it 100 ft tall, that will solve the problem, right? Well, what about tunnels? Ok, imagine it goes down 500 ft, that will solve it, right? Oh, wait, there are illegals hiding on trains, trucks and automobiles. Hmmm, does the wall block all of that? Ok, imagine it does. So why would people just not go around it?

Eminent domain danger

I have heard Trump say multiple times, including recently, that he thinks Eminent domain is acceptable even when the land is taken and given to a private company. Eminent domain should be limited to the government taking land for a public project, with strick limits and should be avoided whenever possible. I think it is completely unacceptable for Eminent domain to be used to take property and turn it over to a private company in order to make more money for the government. I consider this to be theft. This has happened to people who had older houses and a developer wanted to build more expensive places. The government used Eminent domain because it would mean more income to the government. If you support Trump, think about whether the government could get more money if it was turned over to a company to further develop the land into something which would pay much higher taxes. Don't think it couldn't happen to you.

Wikipedia article Vera Coking eminent domain

On Fox News Sunday, Trump said that Vera Coking did not care about the house, only about the money. Well, what do you think that he cares about? Do you think he is not in it for the money? The problem with Trump's comments is that Vera Coking kept living in the house, which shows that she did care about the house. Trump's attitude that he should be able to take things from others so that he can profit shows me that he is not the type of person who should be elected to run the country.

Additional articles which are interesting, especially what Vera Coking called Trump: Trump eminent domain comment rekindles his 1990s Atlantic City property battle
National Review: Donald Trump and Eminent Domain
Institute for Justive: Atlantic City Condemnation - Vera Coking
NPR: Get Off My Lawn: Conservatives Critique Trump On Eminent Domain

Do a web search for even more articles on the subject. Is this really the type of person who you think should be President?

Politician or Salesman?

People are saying that Trump is different than all the politicians, but he is really? He is saying things that he can actually do? I don't think so, not unless he has access to magic or miracles. Even if what he happens to say can be done, would you really want him in office to try to do it?

Trump says that "we" are only talking about illegal immigration because he brought it up. Really? Perhaps that is just like Gore inventing the Internet. There was a discussion on illegal immigration long before Trump came on the scene, but it seems that the Trump ego can not accept that. The deaths of law abiding citizens by illegal aliens and perhaps accidental timing by Trump has pushed the issue, but it is not Trump's talk, yet some actually believe that.

Do you really think that our laws and processes can be changes so that you can deport millions of illegal aliens in a timely fashion? If you do, I suspect you will believe anything. The reality is that the only way to deport illegal aliens is to convince them that they will be better off back home.

Trump is just saying things that people want to hear. They are buying it, but in the end he is doing the same things as all the other politicians as he can't deliver actions with his words, although perhaps he is a better salesperson, the end result is that he is basically just the same as the rest. The problem is that people don't seem to realize what they will be buying and what it will mean.

Can't be Bought?

One line that I have heard is that Trump can't be bought. I wonder if people actually believe that. If you think that he has enough money, power and control and that he does not want for more then you are a fool. He is going to do what is best for him first.

People want the politicians to do the right thing, yet they don't support that type of person and instead it is a popularity contest. What is amazing with Trump is what people are willing to ignore. If there was any other candidate who filed for bankruptcy four times, don't you think that would disqualify them? Trump said that he used the laws to his benefit, but people seem to ignore what it cost the creditors and investors. He has the money now to pay them back, but do you think that he has the ethics to do that?

Learn from History?

It is said that if you don't learn from History, you are doomed to repeat it. Have you ever heard the line that the person can't be bought, is not a politician and will do all this stuff to make thing better? I have and it did not work out the way it was said. Just look to a former Governor of CA for a history lesson. There are other examples as well.

Anchor Babies

It seems that Trump just loves to attack and it does not seem like reality is a limitation for him. He recently attacked Jeb Bush for his comments about Asian Anchor Babies. It seems that Trump does not understand what is happening, or could it be that he is making money from it? Who knows, but the fact is that there are those who come here legally to have a baby so that the baby is a US Citizen. The woman is just visiting, but that is enough. It seems that there is a lot of money in providing such sevices. Perhaps Trump needs to get out more, take off his blinders and see that it is not just a Mexican issue. Oh, even for illegal aliens, it is not just those from Mexico.

Trump's Name Calling

Have you noticed that Trump just LOVES to put others down with childish naming calling? What does that say about him? Why does he feel the need to put others down in order to prop himself up? It really shows that he does not have the character to be President.

Trump's vs. Kelly

I find the response to the Fox News "debate" with respect to Megyn Kelly to be quite interesting. Why isn't it a valid question to ask Trump about his comments about women? It should go past that and he should be asked about ALL of his put down comments about people. It does not seem that he respects others. Do you really consider his "blood" comments to be in any way acceptable? It does not matter if the questions were not acceptable (which I think it was acceptable), but such a response just shows exactly who he is.

Have you noticed that he likes to complain that people are not being "fair"? Trump complained that Megyn Kelly was not being fair in asking that question, yet it seems like a fair question to me and he could have explained, but he didn't. Perhaps that is because he couldn't. Trump has continued to whine about it and attack her, which makes me think that he is just a spoiled cry baby, having a fit in order to try to get what he wants. If Trump can't take the heat, then he should get out of the race.

People say that Trump speaks his mind and is honest, but when I looked at the "debate" it seemed to me that he did not answer many questions and that makes him not honest to me. He might be different than other politicians in some respects, but in the end he is the same or worse than the average politician and people need to really think about what they would be getting if they voted for him.

President vs. CEO

Does anyone get that there is a big difference between the Preident of the United States vs. being the CEO of a private company? With a public company, the CEO can't just do what they want. Trump can do anything that he wants, he can tell people to do something and they really have no choice. The President of the United States is not supposed to do what they want. There is the aspect of the Congress, as well as the Supreme Court. How do you think that Trump will be able to deal with that?

What did Trump buy with Hillary?

Trump said that he donates money to politics when they ask because then they have to do what he wants. When asked what he got for donating money to Hillary Clinton he did not seem to want to answer. In the end he said that she went to his wedding. So do you think that he is being honest and that is all that he got? Or do you think that he is deceptive and does not want to say what he really got or perhaps will get? He made it clear that he gives money as an investment and he expects a return. So what do you think he wants in return for spending money to become President of the United States?

Disclaimer: In case you think that I support another candidate and that is why I am saying things about Trump, you are wrong. I personally don't see anyone running that I would actually like to see in Office.



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Written: 25-Aug-2015

Updated: 17-Mar-2016

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