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Health Care as a Right?

I saw on the news a claim that Health Care should be viewed as a Right, even from those who seem to be otherwise conservative. They say that if you don't have your health, then you have nothing.

Well, if that is the case, then if you don't have food, clothes, shelter, etc. then you don't have anything and your health is going to suffer, so all of that should be provided free of charge.

Rights are NOT something in which others have to pay for. It is a sad state of affairs when people don't get that. You can have charity in which you help people, but that does not make it a Right.

If you want to have something in which others have to do something, then you need to pay for it, either directly or indirectly (such as having insurance). Why should someone pay for insurance when others are forced to provide services? A hospital emergency room has to provide services for everyone, even if the person can not pay because they decided to use the money for luxury items rather than paying for health insurance. Wouldn't you rather have a nice dinner, a big screen TV, a new car, etc. than to have to pay for health insurance?

What do you think would happen if this was changed and you need to pay for your emergency services? I bet more people would decide that health insurance is more important. Also, if you made it possible for the hospital to go and get all the nice luxery items, then the person might change their opinion as well.

When you make it a Right, then it makes a slave of others who have to pay for it, but let's ask some questions about that.

For those who want to claim it is a Right, the first question is whether they are trying to claim it is a Natural Right or a Right as a US Citizen.

If it is a Right as a US Citizen, it is pretty simple to ask to be shown where it says that you have such a Right to demand that a doctor give you free services.

If it is a Natural Right, well, that is just a joke since there is nothing which exists which would show that you have a Right to demand that others do anything for you. It might be the "right" thing for others to do, but that would be their choice and it would be charity, not something that you have a Right to.



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Written: 11-May-2013

Updated: 11-May-2013

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