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The Politics of BLOOD

With tragedy comes the politicians dancing on the blood of innocent victims. The politicians are not just those in elected office either. Some want to be in elected office, others just want power.

These obscene people want to use the tragedy to further their own political agenda, as well as their own personal gain. Diane Feinstein is a prime example, but there are many others, even down to the local level. They make public statements to try to convince people that they want to do something to solve the problem, yet it is all a fraud since if you look closely you will see what they want to do will not solve the problem and it could actually make the problem worse.

Look at the so-called assault weapons ban Diane Feinstein is pushing. Ignore the fact that she was one of the few people who had a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon Permit), a permit to allow a person to defend yourself. She said, after the murder of the Mayor of San Francisco, that she knew that the police can not always be there to protect you. Diane Feinstein has most likely not given up her own armed protection, either personally or by being able to pay for armed guards. Rumor has it that she became a deputy so that she could continue to carry a conceal weapon, without the limits of a state CCW permit and without it being public. Her stupid law wants to ban firearms, but not by function, but instead by name. Dishonest politicians like Diane Feinstein can't ban the firearms by the way the firearm functions because the firearms function the same as any other semi-auto firearm. These firearms not really assault weapons either, as they fraudsters know, since REAL assault weapons are select-fire weapons which has been strictly controlled since 1934 and a complete ban on new production since 1986. The blood dancers want you to think that the ban is on full-auto firearms because that is the only way for them to achieve their goal.

If these people can't define the firearm that they want to ban by function and instead have to resort to banning the firearms by name or by how it looks, that makes it is bogus ban. Add to that they refuse to explain how such a ban is actually going to stop the lunatics from killing people.

Instead of dancing on the blood of innocents, why don't these clowns (not the funny kind) allow people to protect themselves so that when the lunatics show themselves the law abiding can stop them and save a lot of lives. If it was said that "gun free zones" were to be eliminated and that schools would have multiple armed people to stop the criminals, most likely the lunatics would stay away. While it occasionally does happen, it is very rare for a lunatic to attack a police station. The theater in Colorado was a gun free zone, with signs saying that those law abiding citizens who had a CCW were not allowed to have their firearm inside. It worked well to disarm the law abiding, ensuring that only the criminal was armed.

I received an email with the following quote: "IF JUST 5% OF THE DUCKS SHOT BACK, "NO ONE" WOULD GO DUCK HUNTING".

The fact is that the gun free zone cause the deaths of innocent people. The infringment of the Right to keep and bear arms by requiring a CCW AND not allowing the average citizen to get a CCW in many places is the cause of many deaths and those responsible for those laws should also be responsible for the deaths.

For more information about the issues, please read:

An opinion on gun control by Larry Correia

Update: It seems that those who claim to value the lives of children do not think that it is worth the cost to have a police officer at each school. I suspect that they don't understand what exactly they are saying as it gets in the way of their agenda.



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Written: 18-Dec-2012

Updated: 24-Dec-2012

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