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Food Stamp Fraud

While the media has mentioned stories about Food Stamp issues, most recently with lottery winners, there is also the issue with allowing people on Food Stamps to buy fast food and also to buy luxury items which not all tax payers can afford. This abuse is the lack of the system being changed amount to Fraud on the part of the government since tax payers are being told that Food Stamps is to help people and then when a person abuses the system, it is only the person which is blamed, not the system.

Food Stamps for Lottery Millionaires

There have been recent reports in the Media about people who win millions, but still get food stamps:

Michigan wants lotto winner off food stamps

Millionaire got food stamps; Obama Administration helps wealthy get welfare

Millionaire on Food Stamps and Other Public Aid Raided-Update

Do a search for "food stamp millionaire" and you will find other stories. But that is not the REAL FRAUD.

Food Stamps for Luxury Items

The real fraud is that the government is taking money from tax payers and allowing this broken system to continue. It is not just about those who won the lottery and still get food stamps, it is about the lack of oversight in the whole program. The fact that there are those who have money, but still get food stamps is just one issue. The other issue is failure of the food stamp program to limit participants to non-luxury food only.

People on food stamps should not be able to buy luxury food items, such as lobster tails and steaks:

Lobster, Steak, Food Stamps; Grocery Store Receipt


The system should be changed so that those on public aid are limited to non-luxury items. This is the Fraud that the government is playing on the tax payers and this something that they don't want you to know or think about. When such things are brought up, the blame is placed on the person, not the system which is the real problem.

Food Stamps for Fast Food

While it is a good concept to help people who need help, it is bad to create a system while allows for abuse. This abuse includes allowing use for fast food, which is a luxury. If there are some people who are homeless or can't cook food, then allow only those to get pre-cooked food or provide a place where they can get food.

Do a search for "food stamp fast food" and see some of the stories:

Fast Food Chains Getting Into the Food Stamp Act

Food Stamps at Fast Food Restaurants?

Michigan Fast Food Restaurants Accept Food Stamps



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Written: 10-Mar-2012

Updated: 10-Mar-2012

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