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Meg Whitman: Ebay Auction for California Governor?

Big Spending Meg Whitman is attacking Jerry Brown claiming that he is a big spender, but on the news it was reported she has already spend $99 MILLION on her campaign and the election is still months away (03-Aug-2010). Also, it was reported that one of her campaign people gets $90,000 per MONTH. Clearly, she is the big spender in this election. Then consider how she got all of her money.

I saw the deceptive Meg Whitman on Good Day LA this morning. She does have her deceptions down. She was asked about not voting for all those years and her response was that she did not vote as often as she should have. Yeah, that is true, but it is clear that she is trying to give the idea that she voted when she didn't. She refused to answer why as well. Her attacks on Jerry Brown were basically the same. She admitted that the country was in the same situation, but that the governor should do better than the rest of the country. Again, that makes her attacks deceptive, to say the least. I am not a fan of Jerry Brown and I really don't want to vote for him, but it is becoming clear that is the best choice. Voting for someone else would be throwing my vote away and would increase the chances that Meg Whitman would get elected.

Meg Whitman's commercials also indicate that she does not have a clue about government and how things work. Perhaps it is just her desire to attack though. She seems to think that the Governor or Mayor is in complete control of everything and that they are responsible for everything. I am sure that she would have an excuse as to why she would not to be blamed if she were to be elected.

I will say that Meg Whitman has shown herself to just another lying, deceptive politician. Due to this, I have no respect for her and I have to question her ethics and honor.

Meg Whitman stupid commercials: There is a commercial for Meg Whitman in which she is trying to claim that she is different than any other polititian. She is claiming that she sees the unemployed every day. I would love to see her explain that one. Does she see them when she drives by places? Or is she so protected because of her fortune that she only sees pictures? Perhaps it is that she has had to reduce her staff because of all the money that she is spending to try to become governor that she "sees" the missing people.

There is a commercial in which she refuses to answer why she did not vote for soemthing like 28 year, so I doubt that she would honestly answer the question. She is rich and increased the ebay fees so that she could keep rolling in the money, but this adversely affected all the people trying to sell things, as well as those people who were buying since all the prices had to go up to keep paying good, ol' Meg.

Update: I just received some junk mail from Meg Whitman attacking Steve Poizner. A quick look at it shows that Meg Whitman is being deceptive, to say the least.

The first decepive aspect is that Meg Whitman is pushing the issue that six Chevy Impalas were bought with the special "Street Package". The first problem with this is that the difference listed between the version with the "Street Package" and a Chevy Impala without it is around $1400. While this is a bit of money, this vehicle is ranked 13th in cost out of 15 vehicle types listed and was over $6600 less than the average cost of the other vehicles. The "street package" does not really sound like much, but the ads and the flyer certainly tries to make the most of it. Then, to confirm the deception, if you look at the flyer, that list is the ONLY one in which the full dollars and cents was listed. It seems to me that the reason for this is to make the number APPEAR to be larger than all the other numbers.

There is NO explaination as to who got any of these 78 vehicles nor why the vehicles were ordered and whether Steve Poizner had anything to do with approving the orders.

Meg Whitman also claims that Steve Poizner implemented a nearly 14% spending increase, but again, there is no explaination as to why. If the additional money was spent to help the public, then there really isn't an issue, but reality does not seem to make a difference to Meg Whitman.

Information of vehicles from flyer: Meg Whitman Attack Flyer

Based on the advertisements and the flyers from Meg Whitman, it is clear to me that we, the public, can not trust her. Meg Whitman appears to be deceptive and be willing to do anything to try to become Governor of California. Considering how much money she got from eBay, it is clear that she took a lot of money from the public in order for her to get rich. Meg Whitman could have reduced the cost of the auctions in order to save a lot of people a lot of money, but it seems her greed was stronger than the best interest of all the people who used ebay's services.

Due to what I have experienced with Ebay, I really don't care to have Meg Whitman to be the governor of California. It is also clear that she is trying to buy the election. Her negative ads are running all the time. I have to wonder if she has any money other than what she got from all the ebay fees. Clearly, she has received a lot of money as a fat cat executive, which is major part of the problem with the economy.

I recall a 60 minutes interview with Meg Whitman and there was a statement made by her that I found really offensive and stupid. She stated that they did not want to inform people of all of the fraud that occurs on Ebay because it would scare people off. Ebay states that they based their business on trust, but they are violating that trust because of hiding critical information. I have seen Ebay vaporize scam auctions and remove all evidence of it. I reported shill bidding to Ebay and provided all the information on a silver platter, including all the auction links which showed that a seller had bought a vehicle and then was selling it using one of his Ebay accounts, but bidding on it with the Ebay account that had originally purchased it. Ebay's response was that there was not enough information to do anything about it. The reality is that they want the money and don't want to stop the scams as they are making money from it.

Take a look at the fee increases from Ebay. When they are not making enough money, they increase the fees to sell items. Ebay bought PayPal and get even more fees. Most buyers don't know all the fees that a seller has to pay. PayPal used to be free to pay with a bank account or if the money was in your PayPal account, but this is basically gone now. If you do not mark the payment as personal, PayPal takes 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction, the same as for credit cards, even for money from one PayPal account to another. More recently it seems that they have put restrictions on auctions with respect to how you pay. It seems that you have to allow PayPal and that you can not limit what PayPal payment means the buyer uses (in order to avoid excessive fees). Ebay has shown that they a really greedy, but perhaps they needed all that money to pay the executives like Meg Whitman. Perhaps that is why she has $40 Million to use for her campaign.

Ebay is also very anti-gun and are liars. Many years ago Ebay allowed firearms and firearm related items to be sold on Ebay. Ebay claimed that the laws had not kept up with the Internet, but this is completely false. For years firearms have been "sold" through ads in the back of magazines. The buyer and seller agree to the terms and the firearm is shipped to a FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) to do all the required paperwork. It does not matter how the buyer and seller find each other. Ebay stated that they were going to have a Town Hall Meeting, but also said that the decision had been made and would not be changed. So why have a meeting to talk about it? The good thing about this is that it create the opportunity for firearms auction sites to be started. There are many firearms auction sites, which means that others can profit from businesses to serve people. It also shows that Ebay is completely wrong and lied about the reasons why they did not want to allow firearms.

Meg Whitman also talks about California jobs, but I heard that her campaign has hired out of state businesses to try to get her elected. She should keep the jobs in California, if she really means what she is saying, but based on the experience with Ebay, you can't trust what she is saying.

For all these reasons and more, I really don't want to see the Governor of California to be sold to the highest bidder, aka Meg Whitman. We don't need Meg Whitman to run California like she ran Ebay. Need more money? Increase taxes, just like she increased the fees to Ebay sellers, which increases the cost to Ebay buyers. We don't need Meg Whitman to hid all the corruption in the State under the concept of not wanting to scace people. We don't need Meg Whitman to run California.



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Written: 01-Jan-2010

Updated: 03-Aug-2010

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