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Judge Greg Mathis

I was listening to KFI 640 AM radio on Monday, December 12, 2005 and was quite shocked to hear a report by John Ziegler. John Ziegler was at San Quentin State Prison in California covering the Stanley "Tookie" Williams death sentence. John Ziegler reported that his radio microphone was destroyed by none other than Judge Greg Mathis of TV fame. While this was a hot political issue, that does not excuse such poor behaviour, especially from someone such as Mr. Mathis who claims to be an example.

At the start of Mr. Mathis' TV show he says that he was involved with gangs and got a second chance. Perhaps his involvement with gangs is why he thinks that it is good to support a convicted murderer. Remember, that is just what Stanley "Tookie" Williams was convicted of, so considering his "lifestyle" it is quite likely that there are far more crimes that he committed than he was ever charged with. In addition, I heard that to the end he did not believe in "snitching" on others, so by that he still supported the criminal life. In any case, perhaps it would be an interesting case to bring to another court show of Mr. Mathis destroying the property of John Ziegler and/or KFI radio. Mr. Mathis' action clearly shows that he prefers violence over the property rights of others.

Mr. Mathis seems to like to call people thugs in the TV court. I guess he can do that since he knows what a thug is because he is still one.



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Written: 17-Dec-2005

Updated: 27-Jun-2006

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