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Police as a Taxi

The CA Government is insane, that much is clear. It seems that policritters don't care about placing blame where it belongs and forcing personal reponsibility.

In this case CA Senator Cedillo is to blame for this stupidity. It seems that the Senator Cedillo thinks that the police should act as a taxi and that people can not walk. Currently the police will call a taxi for people, but Senator Cedillo wants to give the police something else to do: to provide a taxi service for people who have their vehicle impounded due violating the law.

Here is the main page for the proposed "law": SB 675

Perhaps this is a means to occupy the police to prevent them from doing more important tasks, such as catching criminals or helping people who really need help. Perhaps it is just another attempt to protect criminals and to raise the taxes to pay for the police taxi service.

If a person has their vehicle impounded and knowingly drive it and the police impound it, then they deserve to have to pay the price for that, and that includes having to walk or pay for a taxi. The police should not leave a person on the freeway, but the fact is that if the police have to taxi the people then they become responsible for the safety of the person. The funny things is that the police have do duty or obligation to protect people as individuals (see other article and case law), but if this passes then they will have a duty to provide a taxi service.



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Written: 18-Jun-2005

Updated: 18-Jun-2005

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