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High Speed Chases or Helping the Criminal get Away

There are those that want to change the laws and basically prevent the police from catching these criminals. Right now some want to hold the police personally responsible for what happens when they chase criminals. Fine, if they want to do that, then those people who are trying to protect the criminals should be held responsible for the rest of us who are harmed by letting these criminals go.

While it is tragic that innocent people get hurt in these high speed chases, the solution is not to let the criminals go. Some of these people also say that making the penalties harsher would not work since these people are often "young, dumb and stupid". Well, if they do it once and you lock them up for a long time until they are no longer "young", then you do reduce the chances that they will do it again.

Do you really want to teach the criminals that if they run away that they can get away? This will only make the problem far worse, but those do-gooders will feel better (until they are the victim of one of these criminals).

Update: I happen upon a TV program which interviewed Joel Rifken. A police officer noticed a pickup truck without a rear license plate and proceeded to attempt to pull the vehicle over. The vehicle did not stop and ended up as a high speed chase. Why did the driver refuse to stop (until hitting a lamp post) over a missing license plate? Well, this is a prime example of why the police should not let people who run from them for minor traffic infractions. Had the criminal protection league had their way, the police would have ended the chase and we would not have known about Joel Rifken. The answer is simple, Joel Rifken tried to run from the police because he had a three day old body in the back of his truck, the latest of 17 murders which no one knew anything about since only the latest one was noticed to be missing. This was due to who Rifken targeted. So, when people say that the police should not chase people who try to get away, ask them if they know the story of how Joel Rifken got caught.



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Written: 14-Apr-2004

Updated: 04-Oct-2006

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