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Save Disney Censorship

FYI: The web site is now down since Roy Disney has made peace with the Disney Corp.

Unfortunately there are some things going on inside (and out) of Disney. The company is not going in the direction that Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, thinks that it should. I happen to agree with this having worked there and seen the poor management and complete lack of ethics of some people who work there.

It seems that the management (if you care to call it that) does not like this and have decided to censor this information by preventing the web site from being accessed from inside of Disney. This tends to suggest to me that the comments are CORRECT and that the Disney Corporation knows this. To me all the comments rang true, but if the statements were false, why would the site need to be blocked?

For those inside of Disney, you can access the web page as since they are only blocking the name, not the IP address.



Index for Insanity, Inc.

Written: 11-Dec-2003

Updated: 18-Dec-2005

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