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Vehicle Searches and The Police

If you were pulled over by the police and they asked if they could search your vehicle, would you let them?

Often people say that they have nothing to hide, so why not? The police can search your car if they have probable cause. So why let them search if they have no reason? I think there is actually good reason to not let them search, especially if you have nothing to hide. It can get to the point where your not allowing them to search is cause to search, if it has not already gotten to that point already.

Most people are taught to obey the police as a child, so is it really possible for a person to say yes without having been pressured to do so because the police officer is an authority figure? Who really wants a stranger going through all your stuff? Some people I have talked to about this have said that you are better off to allow them to search so that you can be on your way since if you don't, you may be delayed as they might hold you so that they can figure out a way to search your car. This argument is a very good case for all law abiding citizens to not allow for searches where the police do not have good cause.

I have to wonder what the police officer would say if you allowed the search IF the officer would allow a search of their house. Do you think that they would like others to search their house or car? I suspect that the officer would not allow such a search.



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Written: 21-Nov-2003

Updated: 21-Nov-2003

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