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Stupid and Selfish People

First, I would like to hear your stories of the good and bad regarding selfish people. If you have a story which shows the best of people and their unselfish acts or if you have a story which shows the worst of a person in being selfish, I would like to hear it and perhaps add such examples to this web page. The names should be changed to protect the innocent (like me :-).

It amazes me how stupid and selfish people are today. Either they can not think or just don't care when they throw trash out of their cars. How would these people feel if others dropped trash in their house when they came over for a visit?

I used to work at a company where we had free screenings of movies. It was embarassing to see the theater after the people left. This was at work and it was free, yet they left the place a complete mess and I think that most people did not take ANY of their trash to the trash can.

Recently I picked up my nephew from school and it seems that there are many people who don't care if the sign says "NO STOPPING" or if it makes a dangerous situation since there is not enough room for another car to go by in the lane. I guess they think they are so special that the rules do not apply to them. It also seems that these people are so lazy and that their kids are so lazy that they can not drive around the corner to park. Maybe it will take an extra few minutes if they do.

I also had an encounter with an idiot at the MetroLink train station because this clown refused to stop in the area designed to drop people off. Instead he stopped in a dangerous place where the signs said "NO STOPPING". When I honked at him, he claimed that I thought I owned the road and that he had a right to stop there. He also threatened me and wanted to get into a fight, as if that would prove anything other than how completely stupid he was. He could have parked in a spot too. When his wife picked him up, they would block all traffic until he got in and they got annoyed if you went around them. Unfortunately he and his wife are not alone in being stupid and inconsiderate towards others.

A good example of how selfish and stupid people are becoming is to look at how they are driving. They don't care about anyone else. They will pass on the right on freeway on-ramps, when they were already on the freeway. This causes more problems with traffic, but what does this person care as they get a few cars ahead. You will also see them weaving between traffic, which will end up causing an accident. The problem is that the person who caused the accident might get away because they were not involved. The person they cut off might swerve or brake to avoid the idiot and end up getting hit or hitting someone.

Another recent example (on another page) is the Owner of a SnapOn Tool truck which decided to park in a lane of traffic on a busy street. I guess selling tools and not walking is more important that the safety of others or the traffic laws.

Stupid and Lazy Person representing Jiffy Lube by wearing a work shirt

I was recently waiting for some food at a local fast food restaurant when I saw a young man driving a Black Toyota Celica pull into the handicap space right in front of the place. There were many other non-handicap spaces near by, but not quite as close to the front door. There were no handicap plates on the vehicle, nor was there a handicap card hanging on the mirror. Quite clear this was a very lazy person who felt that he could get away with it. But then it gets worse since the person came in with a cup from the place and filled it up with soda. Buying a drink does not entitle you to lifetime refills, but this person seems to think so, or at least thinks that he can get away with it (as he did). It still makes him a thief, as well as selfish and inconsiderate.

He was dressed poorly, with his pants hanging down, but the shirt he was wearing was important as it was a work shirt from Jiffy Lube. This is how he dresses for working at Jiffy Lube and this is how he represents the company. Jiffy Lube really needs to consider how their employees represent them, especially when they are wearing a company shirt. If this is the type of employee that they hire, do you really want to have work done there?

I called the local Jiffy Lube locations and found that this person works at:

Jiffy LubeĀ® Service Center #2888
MOORPARK , CA 930211756 US

Story of a Selfish Person

I am furious with what I deemed the most arrogant and selfish, not to mention rude & obnoxious, retired 65 yr old man in our homeowner's public hot tub, which is open to all 300 residents. He seems to sorta ASSUME its his own little palace and claims it every single afternoon for hours.. which is really the most unfair thing to anyone, especially women here, since it is a rather small outdoor hot tub.

So I ask him over the fence, "excuse me, sorry to bother you, do you know when you may be finishing?"

He growled, turned his neck, snarled and shouted "WHY?? Whats it your interest?? I mean why do YOU care? I mean, (now defensive) I JUST GOT HERE??!! I dunno, WHO CARES? (still snarling)"

I am standing in my bathing suit, outside the gate sorta stunned, feeling like my daddy spanked me.

I say (more kindly) "Um, well I was wondering for some privacy ------that's all?"

Oh, he says less gruff, roughly, "Oh, well, maybe 1 hour I dunno. Maybe. (growl...hiss)"

I wanted to share how one person can justify and feel "entitled" in spite of a whole community of paying resident homeowners.

Why are people Selfish?

I have seen it often asked why people are selfish. Perhaps a better question, in order to understand what is going on, is to ask they question why not. What typically happens when a person is selfish and inconsiderate? What do YOU typically do when you see a selfish person? How often have you seen people passing on the shoulder in crowded traffic, cutting people off, passing using the on-ramp, etc. and what happens? Nothing! Our society has changed, no longer is there the same peer pressure. This is why more and more people are selfish, because they can get away with it and more than that they gain by doing so. Perhaps if our society changed and there was a cost involved, then things would get better.

Fighting Selfish People

While you have to be careful, sometimes you can say things and while it might not make a difference, there will be no change if nothing is done. Once while at CostCo, I was waiting for a sample, along with many others, and just as the person started to put out samples a teenage girl reached around people and grabbed a sample. I watched where she went and as it turned out she went to her parents, so when I walked by I told her that she should not be rude and instead wait her turn, right in front of her parents. Perhaps they will do nothing, but then again perhaps she will think twice before doing that again to avoid the embarassment.

In another case, many year ago, I was leaving a Pace store (now long gone) and there was a long ramp to the parking lot from the raised platform of the store. This allowed for a good view from a fair distance away. I saw the person parked next to my vehicle put their stuff in their car, then move the cart directly behind my vehicle. In this case the timing was perfect since just as the person was starting their car, I arrived and moved the cart back behind his vehicle and since I had not bought anything, I quickly got in my vehicle and left. While this person might not have learned, at least he had to get out and move the cart again and he did not get away with it.

Another time at CostCo I encountered an especially stupid selfish driver. The parking lot was a bit strange and had one section where the parking had only one way to get in and out. There were only a few parking spaces, around 3 or so as I recall, and it was only wide enough for one vehicle, which limited the space. As I often do, especially in a space like that, I parked by backing into the space while allows me to leave much quicker than otherwise, in addition it was a place that was difficult to back out of the space and much easier to back into. The parking lot was typically crowded and since it was a weekend, it was even worse. I went to my vehicle and started to leave, but a woman blocked my exit, as I said, the only way in or out, and she refused to move. I am not sure of what she was thinking. It was obvious that I was leaving as I was part way out of the space, yet she would not backup. I really did not have any place that I could go to get out of the way. So, I went back into the space and turn off the engine and decided to listen to the radio until slowly some sense came into her mind. After a bit she realized that if she backed up a little bit I could leave and she could get the space she so desired. Once she backup up, around 10 feet, which did not allow for others to sneak around her, I pulled out and left. While it would have been nice to listen to the radio for much longer, it just was not worth it. Maybe she would think about it next time, maybe not, but at least she had to wait and figure things out. I never said a word to her, nor did anything rude since that would be pointless and only make things worse.

What are they thinking?

I was just reading the local newspaper and came across an article talking about the freeway sound walls, the main part of the article was that the price has increased, but that is not the interesting part. It is the comments from the residents in the area which are what I find quite interesting and which applies to the title of this web page.

I could ask what these people were thinking, that would assume facts not in evidence. Some of the complaints are that there is too much noise from the freeway, that they can't sleep at night with the windows open due to the noise, that the property values are lower than in other areas of the city, that their children can not play in the yard out of fear a vehicle will lose control and go into the yard, etc.

When I was looking to buy a house I actually looked at some of these houses, but decided that there was too much noise in one case and the fear of a vehicle coming into the property in another. It took me all of a few seconds to determine this and due to this I did not want to buy such a house. I don't understand why someone would buy a house next to a freeway and then complain about it. The traffic will generally never get less and instead will just get far worse. This is true for any street, which is why I would not buy a house on a main street.

As to property values, there are some things which are obvious. The property value will be less when the house is in an area which has issues, such as noise, traffic, etc. The value of a property on a dead-end street is typically more. Simple logic, if there are things which people don't like, that means there will be fewer people who will buy it and they will buy it for less money.

I am not sure of why these people think that the rest of the community should pay millions for their poor decisions, but it is clear these people think that is what should be done.



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Written: 04-Nov-2003

Updated: 04-Sep-2012

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